To Do

Keep myself organized

Raise a healthy family / 2kids.

Write a web service on AWS

Build a modern web service.

Enjoy every minutes of my life

Keep a blog up to date

Write good documentation

In Progress

Stay healthy and happy

Rowing machine daily
Kiteboard session monthly

Build wealth

Try to build enough wealth to no longer worry about money.

Learn to play Ukulele basic level

Baby shark
Over the rainbow

Go kiting around the world

Pacific ocean
Gulf of mexico
Atlantic ocean
Mediteranea sea
Black sea
Great lakes
Hood river
India Ocean
Artic Ocean
Sourthern Ocean


Start a family

Oct 2014 - Get married
2017 - Baby girl
2021 - American citizenship
2021 - Baby boy

Become a US citizen

Since 2021.

Meaningfull engineering contribution

Help design and build AWS graviton 2 and 3.
Arm Interconnect team (CMN-600)

Become a principal engineer before I turn 40

Promotion Q1 2022