Current work...


Developped multiple software from scratch to production and maintenance (as support, developer or lead).

Latest work includes:

  • Configuration and code generator for soft IP RTL / Verilog, IP-XACT...
  • Big data repository system (pipeline to capture realtime metrics about distributed simulation results)
  • Hardware

    Support IP product (non-coherent interconnect) multiple stakeholders include: software team, design team, validation team, system team, implementation team, project manager, support team, customer, (Arm CMN600 product line)

    Work on High Performance Cluster (HPC) for many years as developers.


    Lead the detailed work of a small team software/hardware engineers distributed accross multiple office (US, Ireland).


    Read about both hardware and software technology. Follow latest technology trends. My effort target combining the best of both of world. innovation to the production work.


    List of tools, programming languages...


  • Ruby and ecosystem: Rspec, Ruby and Rails...
  • Python3 fast growing programming languages...
  • Java 6/7/8 - from 1.4 to 1.7 core language, and framework Spring boot, GWT,
  • JavaScript / ES6 - Familiar with the eco-system and played with many framework including expressjs. Developped a JSPL to re-use JavaServer page in NodeJS.
  • Linux
  • Fluent

    Hardware langagues
    • Verilog
    • SystemVerilog
    • IP-XACT
    • Bash
    • PHP
    • Perl
    • Python
    General programming
    • C
    • Golang
    • Groovy
    • CSS3
    • SVG
    • XML
    • HTML5
    • YAML
    • JSON
    Distributed system / Cloud
    • Messaging system / AMQP
    • Cloud AWS / Digitalocean (host this web site)
    • Virtual Machine management (AWS, digital ocean, VMWare solution)
    • Machine learning basic (tensorflow, GPU).


    Semiconductor EDA
    • Questa Mentor Graphics
    • VCS synopsys
    • HPC / IBM LFS / NFS
    Open source software
    • Git
    • Bamboo
    • Jenkins
    • VS code
    • Cluster
    • Linux OS (Redhat 7, Debian, Ubuntu, )/b>
    • Docker / VM
    • MongoDB
    • GCC
    • Make
    • CI
    • Gitlab
    • GitHub
    • Travis-CI


    Previous jobs...

    Staff Software Engineer, Arm Inc / SoftBank Group, Austin, TX — 2014-present

    Technical lead for multiple developers. [ Java, Ruby ]

    • Low level planning
    • Code review
    • Daily sync-up

    Architect a tooling stack composed by multiple low level API which include:

    • Create standard file format to represent a mesh. [YAML]
    • Design Rule Checker API to verify user configuration. [Ruby. YAML]
    • Generate top level RTL based on a configuration. [ Ruby, Verilog, Vcs, QuestaSim, IUS]
    • Automate the documentation generation which increase productivity and deliverable quality [Ruby, ERB, XML]
    • Automate configuration register creation and integration in the IP. [Ruby, UVM, SystemVerilog, MTI, IP-XACT, Make]
    • Create standard file format to represent a mesh. [YAML]
    • Lead the adoption of YAML format within Arm. [YAML]
    • Developed a few IP-XACT standard bus definition for Arm. [XML]
    • Lead API integration with Eclipse IDE [Java, Eclipse, JRuby]
    • Big data / Machine learn: Develop a monitoring system to track data point[ MongoDB, Ruby, Rails ]
    • Support multiple engineer groups across India, UK, USA (software platform, hardware validation, performance, documentation…).

    Senior Software Engineer, Arm Inc, Austin, TX — 2012-2014

    • Perform investigation leading to the adoption of a new technology, which reduced the overall project development cost. [ Spring 4, Angular, AMQP ]
    • Develop an automated real-time web dashboard frontend / backend to track engineer work progress. This application improved communication, and speed up the delivery time. [Java, Javascript, HTML, WebSocket, Tomcat, Spring, Angular 2]
    • Create an automated delivery system for large IP packages that shortened the time to software release. [Java / Bash]

    Software Engineer, ARM Inc, Grenoble, France — 2009-2012

    Develop and test a web application allowing the partner to customize an IP. It enables the customer to run live compilation/simulation, view logs, download final product…

    Graduate Software Engineer, ARM France, Grenoble, France — 2009-2010

    Maintain and develop an enterprise job scheduler to distributed simulation on LSF (~100k jobs). Optimized tree graph execution. [ LSF, Java, HPC ]



    M.S. Semiconductor and Telecommunication

    Polytech’Marseille, France - 2006-2009

  • Analog / RF design
  • Semiconductor manufacturing process
  • RTL design
  • Advanced maths and physics class - 2004-2006

    Preparatory classes for top engineering school exams including electricity, electronic, mechanical, master maths, chimistry...

    R&D / Award - 2009 World Mobile Congress, Barcelona, Bronze Medal of the SIMagine

    Innovative social and secure application using NFC / java on SIM card (TaggyNet).

  • Intern in the C.N.R.S. university laboratory over the summer of 2008.
  • Background

    I've thanksfull to spend my 13 years in a fast growing company where I had the chance to explore the world: India, UK, US, Ireland.
    I relocated in 2011 in Austin, Texas from the Grenoble, French Alps.

    During my free time, I love to:

    Kiteboarding / sport

    I have been kiteboarding for 12years across sea, lake and ocean.
    It's me on the picture on the top of your screen.
    Kiteboarding engage all your sense. I think it's the most complex sport know to human kind.
    It combines knowledge from ski, sailing, gym, weather forecasting, surfing...

    Travelling the world

    My wife from Bulgarian and our 2years old daughter do really love travelling the world (Mexico, Europe, US)

    Pratice sport

    Roller blading, Swimming, Mountain biking, Walking, Running...